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***Sounds of chainsaw***


Ah, I see you're a man of evil culture as well.

Nice game, really feel the atmosphere of the movies.

Oh man, now I feel like I should make a game about crazed cyberpunk prosthetic hand .

What a hilarious idea and fun little action experience! That Ash puts up a fight I tells ya.

I played it as part of a big Halloween event in the video below! Find your time code in the description if you'd like to see it.

"Esh, I'm your father". I feel the urge to add that quote to the game - Ash will be saying it all the time.

Groovy!! Very Nice, amazing work, thanks!

The tables have turned! Well done. Was pretty fun game to play but when Ash backed me into a corner its was difficult to get out. XD

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Nice letsplay!

 As we all know, if someone got cornered by Ash, then he is going down.. unless you're a demonic part of Ash himself of course.

Thanks! Yeah Ash is a badass but nothing to a piece of demonic Ash... XD

Really enjoyed the game always nice to see a horror movie get turned into a video game.Its short and sweet and the look of the characters are really well done. The controls felt a bit weird at times but maybe that's just me. Ash seems a bit hard to get close to with his foot and gun and chainsaw but most likely done to increase the playtime. Overall great game recommend this to anyone who loves horror movies or the evil dead great job.

Nice let's play!
And I thought  If Ash gets chainsaw  then he should turn into almost invulnerable doomguy.

Short but nice :P

Kudos! Glad you liked it.
Yes, it's short game made for a gamejam. Maybe in the future I will expand it into something bigger.

I enjoyed the short game! It was really hard to get to him xD

Yeah, tIt's hard to get a piece of a king nowadays.
Glad you've enjoyed it!

Gave it a go...


Nice cover image for video you got there! For a second I thought the game actually made your hand evil and crazy.


It did become evil after the video, but it just needed a Snickers.

Evil Dead was one of my favorite horror film series growing up, so this game really hit home. I loved how it was based off of one of the most classic points in the series as well. It's definitely something super unique that I haven't really seen yet. The mechanics were great and I loved the whole atmosphere of the game. It was pretty difficult for a minute there, too! I definitely enjoyed it and wanted more. I feel like the experience was a bit short, but that's just a personal preference. That and THE TWIST AT THE END THO! I loved it. Thanks for making this! 

I try to do positive AND negative in my reviews, but I really can't think of anything negative to say about this. Everything negative that I can think of is literally just a personal preference thing. Great job!

Thanks, man! 

Actually you outdone Ash quite well in the end, I even wanted to applause.. but  I'm only a hand 

lmao! Omg that’s awesome. The perfect response.

Brilliant great fun nice homepage to evil dead

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Yep, we all got nothing to do til new season of ED starts.
So.. given a free hand and some time I just did something EVIL 


This was short and fun to play!

Really cool game. I  just couldn't help but think about Thing from the Addams family.
The part with the chainsaw and kicking got pretty though but clearly not unbeatable.
I would definitely recommend people to play this considering how much fun I had!

Great Job!

Well, thank you for kind words, Myroscope.

Yeah, The Thing is very memorable eehh.. thing. But Evil Possesed Hand is way more groovy!

I didn't realize I had to hold down space to choke him. I kept pressing it for the longest time which made the hand detach from his throat. I'm a dummy! Found the part where he kicks to be quite challenging but, in the end I prevailed! I was raging pretty hard at that part XD

I'm glad you've enjoyed it and thanks for feedback!
I guess the the tutorial text about choking should be made more clear about holding down space.

i'm sure most got it. I'm just a dummy at times!


As an avid Evil Dead fan this was absolutely a must play game for me. If you haven't seen The Evil Dead -- DO IT!! You play as Ash's possessed hand and your goal is to choke that beatch into submission. Had a lot of fun with this campy and over the top little game. Fantastic...

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Glad you liked it! You even spotted the recreated recorder, hell yeah.

And  yes, this movie should be shown in gaming literacy classes as it's almost evilhandedly spawned whole FPS genre.
Some interesting trivia here -

I hope your proud of yourself!

Cuz this was good :D

Really. Great all around, and a close to perfect entry for a "movie" game jam. Props!
Cheers. 🍻

Thanks, Lumps!

"Grab our neck" was a good one!